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IP SIP Video door station

Agora IP SIP video door station with one button
  • Now new "S" version available, more features, same price
  • Surface mounting installation
  • IP SIP interface with PoE
  • Blue back ground LED illumination
  • Can be expanded up to 130 chime buttons
  • 110° wide angle lens

The IP Way videointercom system is compatible with SIP protocol, this means a true full IP. This choice allows you to easily enter the VoIP world where every device can be connected to the internet: the “real IP” world where communication opportunities with the most popular devices are almost endless. It provides the possibility of upgrades to future developments of the devices, being designed in full compliance with established standards. Without doubt IP Way offers the first step towards a revolution of Videointercom Communication and Access Control where property security becomes much more close at hand.

With the creation of IP Way, Rocom fully meets the growing demand for modern designed videointercom systems that use IP networks. Rocom has chosen to realize a “full IP” system in which devices communicate without compatibility limits. Typical functions are easily remotely activated thanks to the integration of the videointercom to the LAN network. A modern and unthinkable solution until very recently! Rocom IP Way is simple and meets the most significant demands of today’s systems. It is a door station aesthetically and functionally identical to a traditional push-button panel where you can generate a SIP video call to internal devices: VoIP equipment, smartphones, tablets or PCs. Thanks to the technology used, the devices don’t need to be in close proximity to each other, you can answer anywhere if there is a connection. Remotely, many typical videointercom functions are allowed. The applications and areas of use can vary greatly: multi-user residential accommodation, industrial premises or professional offices. Rocom IP Way allows for the simple but secure management of calls and access control from remote locations.

Standard features

  • Up to 130 chime buttons
  • Up to five call numbers or IP address can be programmed for each button
  • Door opener function with DTMF dial
  • Two driver contacts
  • Can support two more IP Relais
  • Programmable door opening codes
  • Day/night mode with automatic or manula switch
  • Week program for automatic day/night mode switch
  • Different call number for day-/night mode switch
  • Call forwarding with busy party
  • Group call
  • Programmable operating mode for driver contacts
  • Incoming call with automatic answer
  • Access control using chime button combinations (max. 9)
  • Integrated heating
  • Autofocus colour camera
  • 110° wide angle lens
  • Programmabel night illumination for camera and name plates
  • Emal sending with pictures for not answered calls
  • Integrated webserver for programming and maintenance
  • Micro SD card plug
  • User defined tones and messages
  • Remote firmware update

Technical data

Video door station
IPV11AGLS: IP SIP video door station with one button
99 x 208 x 30 mm (b x h x t)

IPV12AGLS: IP SIP video door station with two buttons
99 x 208 x 30 mm (b x h x t)

  • Power supply : 12Vac/dc or POE (IEEE802.3af A+B)
  • Consumption: max. 300 mA with DC
  • Interface: Ethernet 10BaseT, 100BaseTX
  • VoIP Protocol: SIP
  • Codecs: G711µ, G711a, G726-32b, GSM
  • Videocodecs: JPEG, MPEG, H263 (CIF), H264
  • Driver contacts: 2, max.12Vac/1A#
  • Operating temperature: -15 bis +50°C

Chime buttons expansion station
IPT08AGLS: For 1 to 8 buttons. With encoding. The single button modules AGL21 are necessary to complete the stationt. Not used spaces are completed with the AGL20 spare module.
99 x 208 x 30 mm (b x h x t)


Protection degree

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