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Doortello Home GSM
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Modular GSM door phone

Doortello Home mit sechs Klingeltasten
  • modular system
  • modern design
  • up to 50 chime buttons
  • Dualband GSM engine

The modular DOORTELLO HOME GSM door phone enables you to realize complete wireless installations. You need for this just to install the door station, a 12 Vacy transformer and a SIM card. Door station with up to 50 chime buttons can be realized this way.

Pressing a chime button a connection with the GSM network will be sized and a stored number will be dialled. Up to three different telephone number can be stored and dialled if the previous called number is busy or doesn't answer. The two build in driver contacts,for door opening and other functions, are activated using also DTMF codes during the conversation.

Also it is possible to activate one or both driver contacts by just calling the door station with a mobile phone. This access control function doesn't generate costs, as only the CLIP is used to recongize the enabled calling party. Furthermore also to alarm inputs are provided for sending specific alarms using the SMS function. All modules, as far as required, have a yellow LED illumination for each button and name label. This ensures also a good overview during the night.

Standard features

  • up to 50 chime buttons. For each button up to three telephone numbers with 1 to16 digits (1-0,+) can be programmed
  • Programming using SMS with admin function (CLIP recognising, remote programming)
  • Programming over USB interface
  • Programmable calling time for call forwarding with no answer (2 to 9999 seconds) for each button
  • Programmable activation time for each driver contact (2 to 9999 second, or on/off)
  • Programmable volume for microphone and loudspeaker
  • 2 integrated driver contacts activable by DTMF dial (door opening function)
  • 2 alarm inputs (SMS alarm, door opener)
  • Programmable SMS text for alarm inputs
  • Programmable CLIP access control function (up to 100 CLIPs)
  • Programmable max connection time from 1 to 999 seconds
  • Programmable test SMS sending (1 to 240 hours)
  • Programmable test call (1 to 365 days)
  • Pre paid cards handing
  • Log function (alarms and CLIP access control)

Technical data

  • Power supply: 12- 24 Vac/dc, max. 2A
  • Power consumption: 250 mA (active connection), 80 mA (standby)
  • Optical indicators: one red/green LED
  • Programming: using SMS or USB interface
  • Applicable power for integrated contacts: 12 Vac/dc, 1A max.
  • Protection degree: IP34
  • Environment: -20° to +50°C
  • Humidity: 30 to 90% relative
  • Security: EN60950
  • EMC: EN55022:2006; EN55024(1998)
  • GSM: ETSI EN301511
  • Approvals: R&TTE, CE
  • Further labelling: WEEE, RoHS



Door phone modules
with GSM engine for the connection of up to 50 chime buttons. Two integrated dry driver contacts.
PL10G 99 x 100 mm (l x h) no buttons
PL11G 99 x 100 mm (l x h) 1 button
PL12G 99 x 100 mm (l x h) 2 buttons
PL124G 99 x 100 mm (l x h) 4 buttons

Doorello Home GSM door phone module with up to 4 chime buttons


Chime button modules
For the expansion. Yellow LED name label illumination.
PL24S 99 x 100 mm (l x h) with 4 button
PL28S 99 x 100 mm (l x h) with 8 buttons

Chime buttons expansion modules

Expansion modules
Spare rmodule for filling up or expansion reservation. Information module with yellow background light.
PL20, PL50 99 x 100 mm (l x h)

Special modules
Stand-Alone access control dail pad modules for up to 24 codes with 2 dry driver contacts. 12 ac/dc power supply.
FC52PL 99 x 100 mm (b x h)
Stand-Alone RFID access control modules for up to 500 transponders (card or key holder) with 2 dry driver contacts. 12 ac/dc power supply.
FP52PL 99 x 100mm (l x h)

Special modules and access control

Flush mounting cases with frame
For the flush mounting installation three boxes with frame are available.

Flush mounting boxes with frame
Dimensions (l x h x d) in mm 
  Casing   Frame 
PL71 91 x 133 x 45   100 x 142 x 19
PL72 91 x 244 x 45   100 x 253 x 19
PL73 91 x 356 x 45   100 x 365 x 19
For the flush mounting cases also weather hoods are available for installation from1 to 9 modules.

Aluminium wall cases
The aluminium wall mounting cases delivered complet with instaltion frame and a weather hood.

Wall mounting cases with  frame ans weather hood
Dimensions (l x h x d) in mm 
PL91 118 x 154 x 80
PL92 118 x 265 x 80
PL93 118 x 377 x 80
More wall mounting cases are on demand available for installations up to 9 modules.
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