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Doortello Business Bedienungsanleitung Module
PDF Doortello Business SIP
technical datasheet
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Doortello Business Bedienungsanleitung Module
PDF Doortello Business SIP
quick user guide
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Doortello Business Bedienungsanleitung Module
PDF Doortello Business SIP
user guide modules
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Doortello Business Bedienungsanleitung FLAT AP Gehäuse
PDF Doortello Business
user guide FLAT wall mounting cases
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Doortello Business  Bedienungsanleitung DB 16 Enkoder
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quick user guide
fingerprint DB25
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Doortello Business  Bedienungsanleitung DB 16 Enkoder
PDF Doortello Business
user guide
key encoder DB47
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Modular door phone with IP SIP interface

Doortello Business SIP with dial pad and chime buttons in a FLAT wall mounting case
  • 2 mm V4A (316L) stainless steel
  • modular system
  • modern design
  • up to 76 chime buttons
  • dial pad for telephone numbers and access codes input

The modular DOORTELLO BUSINESS SIP door phone program can be connected a IP network interface for the use with a SIP PBX. Pressing a chime button or activating the dial pad the line will be sized and a stored number or the pressed key will be selected. For each chime button on telephone number with up to 16 digits, or an IP address, can be stored. This way also a use without an SIP registrar is possible. The programming is done using the build in webserver. Up to two driver contacts can be activated using DTMF tones to open doors or to activate other functions.

For the connection of an optional IP camera the device has an integrated switch. The power supply can be external or using PoE. An innovative bus cabling system allows a fast and easy installation of the door station according to your needs. All modules, as far as required, have a white night design for each button and name label. This ensures also a good overview during the night. A large selections of modules with chime buttons, dial pad, fingerprint reader enables a flexable installation of the system for different enviroments.

For the use with exitsing doorstations or letter boxes a special version for installation behind panel is available together with an encoding unit for external buttons.

Doortello Business DB 01 behind panel  installation module

DB01 SIP version for the behind panel installation inside existing
door stations or postal boxes

Standard features

  • Up to 76 chime buttons (dry contact) can be connected. For each button one 1 to 16 digits long telephone number or an IP address can be stored
  • Dial pad for the input of telephone numbers and access codes, with 4 functional buttons
  • Programming using integrated webserver
  • Progammable door opening time (0 to 99 seconds)
  • Speech messages for indentification
  • Programmable automatic call answer
  • Programmable call duration from 1 to 99 calls
  • Automatic new call with no answer
  • Automatic call forward with no answer or missing acknowledgment (chain call)
  • Volume control for loudspeaker and microphone
  • 2 integrated dry driver contacts (door opening function)
  • Programmable codes for driver contacts
  • Automatic driver contacts activation for each button programmable
  • Programmable maximum connection time from 1 to 99 minutes
  • Access code function for with 1 to 4 digits long codes
  • Dial pad with up to 100 speed dial numbers
  • Remote firmware update capability

Optional features

  • Encoding unit DB47 with bus cabling system for up to 76 buttons for the connetcion of external dry contact button

Technical data

  • External power supply: 20 - 36 Vdc, max. 1,5 A, or 48 V PoE
  • Optical indicators: two green (WAN/LAN activoty), one yellow and one red LED
  • WAN interface: 1 ethernet port 10/100 BT autosensing, PoE
  • LAN interface: 1 ethernet port 10/100 BT autosensing
  • Audio Codecs: PCMA G.711 A-law (64Kbps), PCMU G.711 µ-Law (64 Kbps), G.726 (32Kbps), Speex (8 Kbps), ILBC (16 Kbps), GSM 6.10
  • Detecable DTMF tones: in-band, RFC2833 and SIP info
  • Programming: using a WEB browser (german, english, italian)
  • IP trafic: TCP/IP, DHCP, VLAN 802.1pQ
  • VoIP: SIP
  • Applyable power for integrated contacts: 24 V ac/dc, 2 A max.
  • Casing: ABS plastic case and 2 mm V4A (316L) stainless steel plate (DB 02 version only)
  • Protection degree: IP 55 (DB 02 Version)
  • Dimensions HxLxD: 94 x 86 x 22 mm (DB 01); 100 x 92 x 25 mm (DB 02)
  • Weight: 100 gramms (DB 01); 350 gramms (DB 02)
  • Enviroment: -20° to +50°C
  • Humidity: 30 to 90% relative without condensing
  • Security: EN60950
  • EMC: EN50081-1, EN55022
  • Approvals: CE
  • Further labeling: WEEE, RoHS



Door phone modules
with IP SIP interface, able to connect up to 60 chime buttons and one dial pad. Bus cabling system for expansion modules. Two build in driver dry contacts.
DB02 SIP 100 x 92 mm (l x h)

Expansion modules
Spare rmodule for filling up or expansion reservation. Information module with white background light over bus cabling
DB10, DB46 100 x 92 mm (l x h)

Door phone, spare and information modules

Chime button modules
Bus cabling system for the connection to the doorphone and other modules. White LED night design for button and name labels.
DB41, DB42, DB43, DB44 100 x 92 mm (l x h)

Chime button modules

Dial pad module
Dial pad with 12 numeric, 4 functional keys and 2 LEDs. White LED night design for all buttons.
DB45 100 x 92 mm (l x h)
Special modules
Emergency call button module with ring illumination in different colours. Bus cabling system to the door phone.
DB 6 100 x 92 mm (l x h)
Emergency call button module with ring illumination in different colours.Security glass protection. Bus cabling system to the door phone.

DB17 100 x 92 mm (l x h)
Mikrophone modul
DB18 100 x 92 mm (l x h)  
DIN key lock modul, with or without key lock and 1 driver contact.
DB22 100 x 92 mm (l x h)
Empty module with plastic cover for the installation of foreign RFID access control systems.
DB23 100 x 92 mm (l x h)

RFID transponder standalone access control for up to 500 cards or key holder. 2 driver contact 12 Vac/dc power supply.
DB24 100 x 92 mm (l x h)

Dial pad, emergancy call button and other special modules

Camera modules
Colour IP camera module (MJPEG und MPEG4). 9 Vdc and PoE power supply.
DB 3 100 x 92 mm (l x h)

Camera modules

Flush mounting cases with frame
For the flush mounting installation of the doorstation four different cases with frame are available. Thus can be combined for larger installations. Two colour are available.

Dimensions (l x h x d) in mm
Antrazyt Grey Casing Frame
MXXTE1 MXXTE11 115 x 115 x 45 123 x 123 x 14
MXXTE2 MXXTE21 115 x 207 x 45 123 x 215 x 14
MXXTE3 MXXTE31 115 x 299 x 45 123 x 307 x 14
MXXTE4 MXXTE41 115 x 391 x 45 123 x 399 x 14
For the flush mounting cases also cover frames and weather hoods are available for installation from1 to 12 modules.


Flush mounting boxes with installation frame

Wall mounting cases FLAT
For the wall installation of the doorstation four flat wall mounting cases are available. Two colours are available.

Dimensions (l x h x d) in mm
Antrazyt Grey FLAT wall mounting case
DB710 DB711 123 x 123 x 25 
DB720 DB721 123 x 215 x 25
DB730 DB731 123 x 307 x 25
DB740 DB741 123 x 399 x 25 


FLAT wall mounting cases witrh frame

Stainless steel wall cases
The stainless steel wall mounting cases allows you the wall installation of the flush cases MXXTE1 to MXXTE4. They are complete with a weather hood.

Dimensions (l x h x d upper x d lower) in mm
  Stainless steel cases 
MXP001 142 x 140 x 90 x 50
MXP002 142 x 232 x 90 x 50
MXP003 142 x 324 x 90 x 50
MXP004 142 x 416 x 90 x 50
More wall mounting cases are on demand available for installations with 6 to 12 modules.


Stainless steel wall mounting cases for up to 12 modules

Flat pedestals
The free standing flat pedestals are available in three hights and four models for 2, 3 or 4 modules.They are delivered complete with frame. Three colours are available.

Dimensions (l x h x d) in mm 
Antrazyt Grey Steel look Flat pedestals 
DB5230 DB5231 DB5232 170 x 1170 x 30 for 2 modules
DB5350 DB5351 DB5352 170 x 1500 x 30 for 3 modules
DB5470 DB5471 DB5472 170 x 1700 x 30 for 4 modules
For the installation of the modules DB17, DB22, DB24 , DB30, DB31 and DB you need an adapter frame DB810, DB820, DB830 or DB840. Those are available in the colour antrazyt and grey.


FLAT pedestal

Adapter frames fro the installation in foreign panels
If the DB modules are to be installed in foreign pedestals, door frames, letter boxes or similar a adapter frame is available. This can be delivered in the three colours white, grey and black.
DB5001, DB5020, DB5013 103 x 93 mm (l x h)

Plastic frame for foreign plate installation
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